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Hello! I decided to move my blog so that my fellow WeWriWa writers would be able to comment on my work as Tumblr rather fails on that area (unless one has an account). I’m sorry on how unfinished this site looks like. It’s a work in progress. Below the cut is an excerpt from the first book of the novel series, The Dreamscape Chronicles, I’m working on, The Exiled Ones. Time stood still.


Before he could utter the fullness of her name and reached out to her hand, he watched his wife crumble into dust.

For a moment, a strangled sound hitched in his throat as if his very will was trying in vain to keep it down ー but alas it couldn’t. Asai’s cry shattered the Dreamscape they stood on, the trees shriveled up and the little house behind nearby crumbled into ruin as everything was engulfed in white fire.

Like a wounded dog, he looked at Riri’s direction, the side of his face chipping off. “I will kill you all,” he rasped, the blade of his katana gleamed in a deadly aura.

Riri wanted to run but she couldn’t ー she needed to protect Lile.