Hi its me again with my weekly output for Weekend Writing Warriors. Visit the WeWriWa (http://www.wewriwa.com) site for more stories and writers by the way if you’re curious on why I’m posting weekly snippets and excerpts.

It’s been pretty hectic with college, work and voluntary work clashing with each other since the year started but being able to write a weekly output is a huge pat in the back for me. Below the cut is an excerpt from the first book of the novel series that I’m working on called Dreamscape Chronicles. The first book is called the Exiled Ones. Please note that all my weekly posts are not in chronological order as they would appear in my book.

Riri looked at her for a moment, almost hesitant on what was in her mind but the words just tumbled out like spoken thought bubbles. “I like you…”

Lile looked at her for a moment. “Well, I like you too?”

“No! I like-like you!” Riri was now pink as a peach.

Lile stared at the other like she was some kind of deer caught crossing the road in the middle of the night, her face slowly burning with a fever. She wasn’t expecting that but then again, she always reminded artist to always expect the unexpected.