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Writers need editors, that is a given. But when editors begin to re-write what you have written because it is wrong for them and it is an incorrect.way of writing, it is the saddest thing that could ever happen.

Why do I say this?

It’s not that I am hating on editors. I used to write as one in a newspaper but I know that editors do suggest and when you edit a creative work it’s to help improve a writer. However declaring a piece as sub-par because it didn’t have what the other writer wanted (flowery language) and then find it being re-written into their style is a serious offense.

I can take criticism but I don’t understand on why it had to be re-written into something stuffed with imagery that could mean anything? Suggestion is great but why re-write it. It deficits the purpose of your fellow writer from learning. Plus, this person had the gall to call himself an editor.

The whole encounter pushed me back to my dark place where I feel so incompetent. I hate that place and I’m trying to pick myself up. It’s been a month since the incident and I’m still falling over my own feet and it’s scaring me on how I’m getting slow at recovery.

If I were to write a letter to him, it might go this way.

I don’t know what’s your problem but let me just vent out. I’ve been keeping this in since December and it’s pulling me further down into a very dark vortex.

Creative writing and news writing may both involve writing but they’re entirely different.

You have rules and standards to follow in news writing while creative writing is as free as water. So don’t pull me down just because my writing for news isn’t flowery because flowery news writing is a sin.

I’m not a perfect editor and you only know me basing on what I have written here so don’t just say that I’m a bad one because ‘her grammar!’ You’ve been an editor but have you even tried chasing your writers just to get an output, slaved over a layout and written most of the bulk just to cover the black space while keeping up with grades, personal life and your own creative writing?

And just because I don’t have enough imagery doesn’t mean you have to re-write my entire poem to suit your standards. It’s like asking an artist to thicken or thin out their lines after saying ‘oh my gosh I love your style’. Seriously. I spent ten years being frustrated as a writer and when I finally found my bearings and mojo, you push me down. Now I have to start all over again. I can take criticism but I take offense with someone re-writing my piece because for them their style is correct.

I will never re-write any of your piece because I know how much thought and heart you placed in it. I can only suggest and point out what I like and what could be improved but re-writing someone’s poem to suit your taste is plainly offensive. It’s even more distressing that when we do give out input, you get mad, I do hope that you would realize someday that even if you think you’ve the best right now, some people will be a few steps ahead of you. Don’t be too full of yourself. It will be your ruin.