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Original Title: Story of the Feather

Okay, I like this story and couldn’t help but write it. It only took a day but it’s more of a short short rather than a short story. Who do you think was the angel? And yes, for SPN fans it may look like some Destiel fanfic but I assure you it isn’t though I will admit I was watching Supernatural when I wrote this.


“Daddy, can you tell me a bedtime story?”

I heard my little eight year old girl say, her soft voice bright as the evening star. I looked at her from my place by her bedroom door, she was quite at work taming her mane of a hair the best she could. An achievement, I must say as usually I would be the one fixing her hair.

“Sure, princess. What story would you want daddy to tell you?”

“Angels, daddy! I want a story about angels! But I don’t want just any other angel story but I want a story with angels that gets a happily ever after!”

“What about a princess story?”

“But princesses always get a happily ever after.” I saw my daughter pout, her bright blue eyes storming up. “But I haven’t heard one with angels.”

I laughed at her logic. “You have a point there. Alright, I’ll tell you one that I’ve just thought of right now that is if you get that cute little tush of yours to bed.”

She squealed from her seat and flustered about to finish her bedtime routine. She finished combing her hair and set her dolls aside though she brought her favorite, a polar bear she received two Christmases ago, along under the duvet and snuggled against her tower of pillows. She looked at me with those bright blues, expectant. “Story time, daddy! Story time!”

I felt the corner of my lips lift to a smile. I can’t deny a request since she did her end of the bargain. “Alright, sweetheart.”

I walked over to her bedside and sat on the edge, the mattress squeaking slightly under my added weight.

“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful angel. Now this angel was given an important task by the Creator and that is to watch over the people living here on earth.”

“That must be exhausting!” My daughter commented. “There are bajillions of people on earth!”

“Well, yes. But the angel was not alone as there are lots more of angels made to help out.”

“Oh so they’re Guardian Angels!” I saw her eyes light up. I nodded and continued on with my story.

“Now this angel wasn’t too extraordinary. In fact, it was as equal as the others except for only little thing, it fell in love with a human being. Oh the human it fell in love with was not the holiest, the prettiest or the richest of the lot. In fact, the human was the lowliest of low, always getting into trouble and carried so much burden of the world on its shoulders. But to our dear one above, its flaws made it perfect.”

“Why daddy? My teacher said we have to be perfect, like attend Mass and stuff so that God would like us. Just like the saints.”

“Well, St. Paul wasn’t perfect, he killed his own kind to please others. St. Peter pretended Jesus wasn’t his best friend three times so he could save himself. The reason why the angel loved this human is because no matter how flawed it was, it still did good to others even in little ways.”

“Oh! Then the guy must be like Mr. Bregsaard! He looks like a bad guy but he’s really nice and lets us help out in his animal rescue shelter and treats us with  ice cream during breaks!”

“Yeah, he’s like Mr. Bregsaard. He looks like a villain outside, with all those piercings and tattoos, but he’s a good guy inside.” I smiled as I stroked my daughter’s cheek. For someone so young, she somehow gets a good grasp on how appearances are not what they’re supposed to be.

“Alright, now Angel went down to earth to visit Human because it wanted to know the other better. And because angels are holy, humans can’t look at them straight without turning into pillars of salt so it took the form of another human being.

“Angel befriended the human though the human was not really trusting of the other at first because it was too used to people befriending it then leaving when they got what they wanted. Every day, Angel would make a point to go down and visit the human even if it was just for movies or coffee. The human slowly began to trust again. The color on its cheeks began to come back because Angel tells really great jokes and then began to fall in love.

“One day, the human waited for Angel at their usual spot in their favorite cafe. He wanted to confess to the other. He waited and he waited, but Angel never came.”

I saw my daughter’s eyes widen and hold her toy close. “Why?” she whispered in a hushed tone.

“Angel was grounded you see. The Creator noticed that it was always going down to earth. When the Creator found out, He grounded Angel because angels are not supposed to love or even fall in love with humans.

Seasons came and passed and years flew by until the Creator saw that Angel had been punished enough and let him go. Angel, though, did not go down but made others see it trustworthy enough before he could go down and visit the human again. The human was older now but bitter than ever. When Angel appeared, the human didn’t want to talk to it.

After so much convincing and visits, the human finally agreed to listen to and Angel told the truth about what it was and why the long absence. At first, the human could not believe what was told just now but the sincerity in the angel’s eyes told no lies.

But like all humans, evidence was needed. The human asked for the angel to Turn.

At first Angel denied the request but the human insisted. In the end, it caved in. In a burst of bluish white light it shed its human form and revealed its Glory. The human was delighted at first but in a flash what stood in its place was a small pile of salt.

Angel was heartbroken and merely looked at what was left of its love. It cried and did not return to Heaven as it wandered all over the Earth carrying the salt. The tears that it left behind in its wake turned into little diamonds. Its Creator felt sorry for it and went down just to have a little chat. He told the other that He could give the human living breath but under one condition – that it would renounce its Divinity to live like a human.”

“What happened next, daddy?”

I smiled to my daughter, “Well, I’ll tell you what happened tomorrow night.”

“Awww! Oh alright!” I watched her snuggle in her covers with a bright smile on her face.

“Good night, darling. Sleep tight.” I kissed my pride and joy on her delicate little forehead and turned to leave. I heard a rustle in the sheets as I walked over to the door and reached out to switch off the lights. With a slight click, the lights were off but the room was faintly illuminated with the light neon shine of the glow in the dark stars stuck on her ceiling. Just like how angels would watch over their young charge.

“It seems like our little angel is making bedtime stories a habit,” I heard someone comment from behind as I closed the door. I turned around to see the kind grey eyes of my husband all crinkled up as he smiled. I laughed and gave his arm a pat. “There is nothing wrong with bedtime stories, dear.”

“Well, you have a point  and it’s the first time  I have ever heard of that story of angels..”

I grinned as I looped my arm around his and walked him to our bedroom. “Everyone deserves a happily ever after…”

He laughed and brought me in for a kiss. “You are right…” He released our locked arms and sat down on the bed while I took the space next to him. I watched him reach over to the nearest bedside drawer and pulled out a music box. It was a very special one as we had bought it together shortly after we got engaged.


Its body was made out of simple polished ebony, with metal looping carvings adorning its edges. Keeping it tightly shut was a four-number combination lock to which I watched my husband dial in the code.


“But when do you think we should tell her?” He asked as the lid popped at the last digit. “She is after all growing up.”


I looked at him and replied, “She is ready…”

We shared a knowing smile and looked back at the contents of the now opened box.

Glowing softly and humming with divine power inside was a pristine white feather.