This is a story I’m working on the sidelines. It’s a children’s/YA novel serving as a possible prequel to dreamscapechronicles where the main focus is Hiligaynon folklore. Not much is known about my native area’s lore and it’s slowly dying out. So since I was asked to write more stories with local flair (without abandoning my comfort language which is English) I decided to give it a shot.

Update: This novel will be readjusted after I did a bit of research. I decided it will be a standalone and will use one version of the local folklore named Hinilawod as the Sugidanun epics are copyrighted.

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  • Engkanto = Fair Folk/ Elves
  • Anting-Anting = a magical amulet mainly used for protection against unwanted attention from the ‘other side’

The Engkanto adores children, that’s what Mommy used to say. It have been an old belief that the Engkanto would disguise themselves as old people to look for babies and steal them later that night. The only way to keep that from happening is to give a child an anting-anting. I am one of those children, sadly.
I can never leave the house without my red and black bracelet. Mommy said I can’t lose it. I tried asking why. She said it protects me.

I never understood it at first but now I do.

My name is Katerina Lu and this is my story.