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To my readers, please do visit the Weekend Writing Warriors (http://www.wewriwa.com/) website for more amazing works. There are tons of great writers pitching in for this weekly activity and you should seriously check. them. out.

I mean it. Anyway, its been a stressful week but I’m surprised I can still write this much so I’m so relieved that constant snippet writing is getting my novel in motion. Hopefully I can finish by November. Hopefully!

Seated at the backseat of her uncle’s car, Lile was in the middle of a smile.

She was engrossed over her newest aquisition, an MM erotica given by a Facebook friend, and by the furrow of concentration on her brow she was enjoying every second of it.

Tearing her eyes off the screen of her phone, the car had just entered the open grounds of Ateneo, to see the pinkening sunrise splashed cross the same blue sky and dusted with a contrast of black and white gray clouds. And for some odd reason, she felt her chest tingle with an emotion she couldn’t woefully describe.

The more she looked at the rising sunrise the more she wondered if her chest ached for something, or someone, that couldn’t be hers. She shook her head as she took her disembarked cousin’s place, its not like she was falling in love with Riri or something.

Then, she held that thought. Was she really falling for her friend?

Hope you enjoy! You can also read the first five chapters of The Exiled Ones at Tablo (https://tablo.io/kastrid)