Hear’s to another week of eight sentence excerpts!

To my readers, please do visit the Weekend Writing Warriors (http://www.wewriwa.com/) website for more amazing works. There are tons of great writers pitching in for this weekly activity and you should seriously check. them. out.

I mean it. Anyway, its been a stressful week but I’m surprised I can still write this much so I’m so relieved that constant snippet writing is getting my novel in motion. Hopefully I can finish by November. Hopefully!

The room was still, Riri couldn’t blame them. First day of class and they’re expected to create a masterpiece by the end of the week. Talk about a killer instructor.

“You are to work on those on your spare times so now we’ll be reviewing on the basics.” Ben then pulled down a chart of the color wheel. Classic. “For your first plate, you are to create an artwork anywhere in this room however you have to make use of one set of complimentary colors and no other. Monochromatic colors are to be used sparingly as possible.”