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The auditorium marka for a very special scene but placing the nice bits is a major spoiler so decided to pick a less spoiler-y one.

In terms of the novel’s completion, I haven’t counted on how many words I’ve done but I’m sure I’m nearing halfway point.

“Hey.. ”

“Hey to you too…”

The awkward silence could not get more awkward than this. Lile admits that it was easy to handle when they’re working – Riri is professional there’s no doubt about that but she’s now wondering if this was such a good idea. The school year was closing and they have yet to catch the culprit behind the new wave of Nitemares popping around campus. They were also running out of excuse letter ideas for their professors not affiliated with the Cineraria since you can’t have dysmenorrhea every week. Though Theo did try once the whole dysme excuse, forgetting it was a girl’s thing. Didn’t end well.