To my readers, please do visit the Weekend Writing Warriors ( website for more amazing works. There are tons of great writers pitching in for this weekly activity and you should seriously check. them. out.

Novel writing took a backlog recently, though I make it a habit to write snippets every week, due to Finals coming up fast. Just a few more weeks and I’m free!

Enjoy this snippet!

Riri peeked inside the painter’s studio to see Ben and Jian in a deep conversation yet were not facing each other. Instead they stared at the whiteboard with brows similarly furrowed like a married couple. She snuck in the best she could to catch a glimpse of the white board.

It was a normal whiteboard with scrawls written on it by student who thought it was clever to use an orange highlighter. The surface of the  white board was covered with lines that only a two year old with a crayon at hand would. At first, Riri thought they were scrawls made by highlighters but on closer inspection, they were glowing orange.

“Thought it was a highlighter?” Ben mused not even looking over to Riri.

She replied with a mute nod of her head.