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To my readers, please do visit the Weekend Writing Warriors (http://www.wewriwa.com/) website for more amazing works. There are tons of great writers pitching in for this weekly activity and you should seriously check. them. out.

This week’s snippet focuses on a mini-survival story. A glimpse on the resident bossypants, Lile.

The guarded features on Lile’s smile seemed to ebb away as she lingered further into the thought.

“My Fiction professor told me that writers tend to write what they have experienced. Writing makes life worth living for. Every step I take, every breath I make they can be the words I write and I don’t want to miss a beat.” She turned to Riri, the corners of her eyea crinkling as she truly smiled. “Plus, I simply cannot miss the next episode of my television series or the next book. I mean, will my ship sink or not?”