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To my readers, please do visit the Weekend Writing Warriors (http://www.wewriwa.com/) website for more amazing works. There are tons of great writers pitching in for this weekly activity and you should seriously check. them. out.
This week will be an excerpt from the beginning of Act Two of Book One.

He’s visited this place several times – from his dreams to the reality he learned to resent in silence. But still he found the time to stop by with her favorite flowers, the ones that gave her a name, at hand.

Today was no different.

Walking past the security guards, the air began to ripple the moment he stepped beyond the doorway that separated his reality from her Dreamscape. Soon images began to take shape, all of them beginning as formless lines and shadows then turning into the silhouette of trees and pathways. From there color began to blossom as if someone allowed the paint from an artist’s brush to drip and spread its life all over his paper. Greens, yellows, reds and pinks of different trees began to canopy him as they were held strong and tall by the browns and blacks of their trunks. Below his feet were the grays of the pathway dotted by moss after a day’s worth of rain.