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I’ve already posted this in my personal Tumblr but I’ll repost it here because it’s relevant.

Hi. You guys might be wondering why I haven’t posted any short stories, dished out new poetry, or in this site’s case, excerpts. Well, this is the thing I’ve been gearing up for.

I’ve never had a goal so desperate before. Given there’s no LGBTQPA publisher here in my country (despite a market for it), I’ve almost given up on my story. But I came across riptidepublishing while I was drawn into a certain fandom and now I haven’t seen myself this determined to meet the goal.  If you’re curious, I live in the Philippines and it is HARD to be a writer here, much less be one who writes about “not normal” love.

I’m already halfway through the drafts and I’m happier with how the first book of The Dreamscape Chronicles is pushing through now comparing to 2013 when it was first conceptualized. I really hope that I don’t lose steam because I can taste the finish line and I’ve been rearing to write the second book.

I still have to do my second round of editing but so far, it’s been a great ride.

This is my goal for 2015 and I’m determined to see this one through.

I’m encouraging my fellow LGBTQPA writers who are struggling to find a goal for their YA book to give http://tritonya.com/writers.html a look. Who knows? It might be the thing to push you to finish that manuscript.