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Hello! I’m back! I took a break from WeWriWa, which is at http://www.wewriwa.com/ by the way, for a while since I chose to oversee my draft progress and a few things too especially in academics. In this post’s snippet, I will be introducing Ashside University. It is the fictional university that will serve as the cover of an organization called the Cineraria. Said school was originally called as CINE (College of Intellect and Neo-Expressionism) but that was too much of a tell-tale. Ha ha. Plus the new name’s a bad pun.

She could not help but stop and admire her new home, Ashside University. When she first came across the name, Riri has always thought that its founders, the ones who had bought the whole property from the Catholic university that used to stand in its place, thought it would be clever to give the a bad pun for its named. That or they were drinking while they filed the papers. Ashside was not a miserable landmark even with it “outdated”-looking facade as most would expect. Rather, it seemed to outshine even the most chrome-themed buildings around it with its classical European-influenced architecture.

The girl ran her fingers delicately over the iron and cement perimeter fences where row upon row, she would spot a prominent symbol of the school crest – three intersecting loops without beginning or end. Behind the fences were well-trimmed and tailored trees and golden rosaries, the different shades of green and yellow contrasting each other in a harmonious manner. If it was not a school, she would assume it to be some property dedicated to a god or goddess.