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While working through TDC’s manuscript, I realized that some of my characters are well-versed in martial arts like kendo and muay thai and other disciplines.  I can get as far whenever I watch YouTube videos and do a bit of research but everything becomes different if you’ve experienced in it. I’ve learned from my Literature classes that the best stories are best told from memories and experiences.

Over the years I’ve been trying to find ways to get myself back into shape after having to quit ballet and swimming because of finance and college (my university doesn’t have a pool) without much success. Also with the rise of street harassment, I needed to know how to fend someone off (girls, this is a must). Recently, a club came about the city – too far from where I live but walking distance from school – and I said, ‘Hey, why not hit a lot of birds with one stone?’

After doing a bit of snooping around and asking, I found out that the club offered beginner lesson for muay thai which was a blessing sent. Also the staff were all season fighters and were extremely nice and encouraging themselves, so why not?

I won’t delve deeply into my first day (though a wrong kick somewhat made my knee hurt but nothing’s broken, just sore) but I discovered a few things that I’m sure will find themselves in my writing. Also, the experience helped me realize the sensation of punches and jabs (aside from a few self-realizations) which could help tremendously in the writing process especially in fight scenes.

Overall, fighting scene research isn’t all about the amazing choreography and gravity defying moves, its also about the experience. Maybe that’s the reason why I find it hard to believe my first few write-ups in fighting scenes nor even find myself convincing because it’s only a scene written from someone who is a spectator.

I’m not saying that people who don’t do martial arts and still write fight scenes are poorly written. I’m simply saying that, it becomes easier to write once you’ve experienced it. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a good punching session with a punching bag. It clears the head – trust me.

Once I’ve saved up enough, I’ll make sure to enlist in their club to get members’ discount and access to the facilities. Now, to scour for an archery range (which is near impossible to find in my area).