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Hello! I’m back! I took a break from WeWriWa, which is at http://www.wewriwa.com/ by the way, for a while since I chose to oversee my draft progress and a few things too especially in academics.

Update on the novel’s progress, it’s already past the 40,000 word mark and half-way in the story and I’m might pleased about it. I do hope I can finish it before June/July hits because beyond that I’ll be neck deep in academics again but this time with thesis since I’m graduating Literature this school year. Wish me luck!

In this post’s snippet, you will get to know one of the main character’s secret abilities. That’s all I could say for now. 😀

Edit: I’m honestly not sure why the text appear one lined 😦 But its fixed now!

“Genius Theo,” Riri grumbled as she picked herself up while their horse-friend rounded up to face them again, the darkness in its feet licking the ground like dark tongues of fire while its eyes burned with fury. “What a great way to make the whole situation better.”

Henrik quickly took over, sword banging over the metal part of his shield luring the horse away from Theo and Lile. As Riri was starting to contemplate on what epitaph should Ben place on her tombstone, the sky above began to gather itself as words began to write itself repeatedly on midair in lime fluorescent lines. Words!

What if

the stars we see

at night

are not stars –

but satellites



They hung there in the air for a moment before  compressing into a million points of light. Riri took one moment to look back at Lile and wondered why doesn’t she use this kind of magic more often. It made her look… ethereal.