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Hello! I’m back! I took a break from WeWriWa, which is at http://www.wewriwa.com/ by the way, for a while since I chose to oversee my draft progress and a few things too especially in academics.

Update on the novel’s progress, it’s already past the 40,000 word mark and half-way in the story and I’m might pleased about it. I do hope I can finish it before June/July hits because beyond that I’ll be neck deep in academics again but this time with thesis since I’m graduating Literature this school year. Wish me luck!

My beta-readers and a few close people know how I”m fond of placing real life events in my stories. This snippet is no different and even with the whole plot, I always make it a point to slip a few messages here and there because even with all the butt-kicking my characters are still teenagers (well young adults to be precise) and human.

Lile scowled as they descended the escalator upon hearing two boys behind them cat calling to get their attention.

“Hey miss!” One of them called out with a laugh. “Call boy here! Don’t you want a sample?” He sounded like  a someone who’s almost out of the puberty stage.

The two boys continued to laugh as Lile disembarked the escalator and pulled Riri over to the coffee shop nearby. In the distance, she could still hear the two guys calling at them saying they were no fun and she couldn’t help but huff as her ice wall fortified themselves against the world. It’s even more traumatizing since it was the time of the month where she’d rather wear her unflattering but highly comfortable boy clothes, composed of a black tee with the words FedUp Express, sneakers and loose jeggings over her dresses and skirts.

“I bet he doesn’t know what a call boy is anyway,” she whispered under her breath. Riri couldn’t help but hum in her agreement.