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Update on the novel’s progress, I’m half-way done! It’s funny that I’ve written the ending for the books but filling in the gaps? Man, I’m so slow.

Again, I do hope I can finish it before June/July hits because beyond that I’ll be neck deep in academics again but this time with thesis since I’m graduating Literature this school year. Wish me luck!

It looked like a phoenix – a skeletal phoenix.

Like the creatures that attacked them at the gateway, this one was made out of books and paper, or rather book spines and covers as its bone and torn pages as feathery skin. The paper skin was so thin, one could almost see through it and wonder if it easily burn in this world’s sun.

“I really hate to do this!” Riri heard Lile say before an arrow whistled past just a fraction from her crown. Whether it was charged with magic or not, it seemed to leave a trail of fire as it flew before exploding square in the creature’s chest. An explosion left a gaping hole on its chest but it did not fall. In fact, it got angrier.