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New WeWriWa post! To view other works, kindly visit http://www.wewriwa.com/!

Update on the novel’s progress: Way past the 50k mark. I’m aiming for 80k max for the first draft before I start revising. The publisher I’m aiming for (Riptide/Triton) is asking for a minimum of 50k and a maximum of 80k. Fingers crossed!

In a few weeks time, uni’s back and, wow, I actually wish it wouldn’t come so fast. I really don’t want to lose my momentum in writing a story but I do have to look forward on thesis. Aiming for a paper on the prevalence on POC-LGBT characters in popular YA books but seeing my uni is Catholic, I don’t really hope they’ll approve of such paper.

Now this snippet’s gives glimpse on a backstory of a character. It’s subtly mentioned and can be brushed off as a passing swing but it’s very real. Even the strongest of characters tend to suffer from certain illnesses. They’re not invincible not god-like after all.

“Two books to write a review using the structuralist method of criticism and a bunch more,” she [Lile] let out another sigh. “And I don’t think I could even finish my first short story draft. I’m starting to feel that my ideas aren’t great to be turned into a story.”

“Hey,” Theo looked at Lile with a serious look on his face. “You’re not going back to that bad place in your head again, are you?”

“Of course n-”

“Sam, you know what to do!”

Riri watched Sam reach over to flick the other girl’s forehead. Lile let out a whine and rubbed the small reddening dot.