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Update on the novel’s progress: Inching slowly to the finishing line. There’s not much left to do but accomplish the conflict, climax and falling action but who said filling in the gaps was easy?

For this week’s snippet, the plot bunny – or rather one part of the whole bunny.

Rikard shook his head and ran calloused and scarred fingers through his hair, messing up the man bun he took the time to do. “Asai, Asai… I know that the idea of releasing her there is exciting you but your frequenting visits is setting her levels off and may jeopardize our goals.”

“It is my wife that is made a prisoner for selfish goals of man,” Asai softly stated, his sleepy looking eyes flashing dangerously. “My wife, not yours.”

“My wife is dead.” Rikard cut-in, deadpan.

Asai scoffed at his reply. “That’s what you want to believe because she sold her soul-”

“Enough.” Rikard said, tone flat and unfeeling.