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Here’s to another weekly WeWriWa post. For other works, kindly visit http://www.wewriwa.com/!

For this week, decided to throw in  a bit of local flair. The children’s rhyme included in this snippet is set in Tagalog and is often chanted by kids to get an ‘it’ for their game. Unlike other rhymes I’ve encountered as a child this is different – creepu even as I look back. A translation will be provided at the end of the snippet but for now enjoy!

Tonight was like  every other night – a hunting night. Given that it was the eve before semestral break, Koko gave them an assignment. But to Lile’s ire, they were shuffled back to square one.

Langit, lupa, empyerno!
Saksak puso, tulo ang dugo!
Patay! Buhay!
U-ma-lis ka na sa pwes-to mo!

As if he was being pushed back, Theo found himself stumbling back only to land hard on his butt with a groan. A fit of giggles followed suit before a gust of wind flew past him unto the next Hunter in the succession. “Not only it’s in dialect and I can’t understand it, the lil’ shits are too fast,” Theo mumbled under his breath, his eyes darting from side to side as he tried to find a physical sign that the enemy was there.

Heaven. Earth. Hell.
He-he-hell. (Empyerno = hell)
Stab the heart. Dripping blood.
Dead. Alive.
Go.away from where you are. 

Note: this is just a rough and literal translation.