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Here’s to another WeWriWa post. For other works, kindly visit http://www.wewriwa.com/!

As you would all know, last week, we took a break from The Dreamscape Chronicles for a side project I’m working on, an M/M paranormal book. The temporary title is V A L.C A N and it is set in the fictitious world of Valerios, Pangaea where everyone is regulated in a caste system determined by eye color. The two characters in this snippet are Mnemo and Cyne/Sine/Syn (haven’t decided on a final spelling of his name). This week’s snippet offers a brief, if not a glimpse, of the world of Pangaea – the continent that the book is set upon.

“I can’t believe I’m stuck with a Greenie,” Mnemo ran a hand down his face, his face’s weary lines even more prominent in the VAL.CAN home office’s LED lights.

Cyne only threw him a nasty look that could shoot daggers before engrossing himself to the digitized case files opened on his quartz phablet. He wasn’t a stranger to people such as Mnemo complain about being paired with a person of lower caste like him. What more if he was a Brownie? He would have more than just verbal complaints.

VAL.CAN was known for hiring agents on their capabilities and IQ results over their castes but it simply couldn’t be helped when some agents do have their own personal biases. In Pangaea, people are ranked in accordance to eye color and often are delegated jobs corresponding to these colors.

The lowest and most common are the Brownies, who are often slated into the working class. Next, and not too far off, are the Blues and the Greenies who lived a little better than the Brownies but not as much. Then comes the Hazels, the Greys and finally the Chromites, who fall mostly in the heterochromic spectrum.