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We’re currently on break from The Dreamscape Chronicles for a side project I’m working on, an M/M paranormal book. The temporary title is V A L.C A N and it is set in the fictitious world of Valerios, Pangaea where everyone is regulated in a caste system determined by eye color. The two characters in this snippet are Mnemo and Cyne/Sine/Syn (haven’t decided on a final spelling of his name).

“You’re late,” Cyne glowered at  Mnemo as he strolled in the isolation point. His frown deepened into a disapproving scowl as he spotted the disheveled appearance the other wore. It gave the impression that Mnemo just dragged himself out of his bed. Does he have no respect to protocol just because he’s a Grey?

Mneno only sneered at him in reply and proceeded to talk to the Chief Examiner about the scene. Cyne only rolled his eyes.

These upper rankers and their previledged status. Bet this guy only got in because he’s the son of one of the High-Generals. To think that this lazy ass of agent was his assigned partner! He did not spend a quarter of his life studying and training for V A L.C A N just to be paired up with some grey-eyed spoiled brat.