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As you would all know, last week, we took a break from The Dreamscape Chronicles for a side project I’m working on, an M/M paranormal book. The temporary title is V A L.C A N and it is set in the fictitious world of Valerios, Pangaea where everyone is regulated in a caste system determined by eye color. The two characters in this snippet are Mnemo and Cyne/Sine/Syn (haven’t decided on a final spelling of his name).

Sulphur. It reeked sulphur.

Mnemo opened his eyes at the horrid stench, half of him reeling to throw his big breakfast out and the other, wary on where he is. He could feel numbness on his legs and arms and his fingers felt cold. He was bound real good.


‘If there is sulphur there should be….’, He never managed to finish his sentence as something hot pressed to the crook of his forearm forcing a scream out of him.

“Preciousssss, preciousssss…” he heard someone hiss.