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For this week, we bring you back to your regularly scheduled Dreamscape Chronicles snippets. This snippet focuses on two certain characters- Jian and Lile as they talk about a dark thing that binds them in an unusual manner.

“I love him. I really do but the worst thing to ever feel is to feel like you’re all alone – even if the person that means the whole world to you is sitting right next to you.” Jian said in a soft tone while he fiddled on his tea bag’s string.

Lile murmured in agreement, her eyes casted over to her friends. Riri and the rest were engaged in building Magic the Gathering mono decks. Right now, she was insisting that her deck was badass because it was red and it had dragons. Laughter pelted the air as Theo retorted his tree folk were better.

“I know how that feels,” Lile poked the remaining popcorn on her plate in an absent-minded manner. “Sometimes, I do wonder if I belong anywhere. It just feels weird to feel so….alone even if I already have a great set of friends this time.”