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For this week, we bring you back to your regularly scheduled Dreamscape Chronicles snippets.

“No way! What kind of kiddie song sounds like a pre-requisite to some occult murder?”

“Psh, as if Humpty Dumpty was really an egg.”

“He wasn’t?”

“The rhyme never said he was but the pictures do-”

“Guys, I hate to interrupt  your intellectual chit-chat but creepy kids at your 12 o’clock.” Jian’s voice crackled from their earpiece.

“Good luck bro,” Theo clapped a hand briefly against Lile’s shoulder before jogging over to Henrik, unlatching his batons from his hip holsters as he did so. They crackled angrily against the cool night air.

Lile smiled at her friend before going over to Sam and seeing that she is hidden from sight before find a spot of her own.