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For this week, we bring you back to your regularly scheduled Dreamscape Chronicles snippets. This snippet might be an anti-generation one because the character is not like most people her age.

Lile couldn’t grasp why she’s not enjoying this.

The heart stopping beat of the electronic bass thumped against her ears and chest. It wasn’t thrilling as most would claim it would be . It felt more like someone was jackhammering your chest and it’s not like she hates Zedd, she loves his music but only in the privacy of her earphones and music playlist.

She had friends below from her time in the Pharmacy program and it took her a while to convince her mother to go on a night-out at Smallville. She consented but at the condition that the family driver and car would be within the area. Lile was fine with that.

She closed her eyes for a moment and wondered how the hell she got in this place. It felt…foreign. Even with all the movies she’s seen and young adult books that she’s read, they could not prepare her on how goddamn awful a club is.