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For this week, we bring you back to your regularly scheduled Dreamscape Chronicles snippets.

Lile watched  as the two communicated silently, their gazes unwavering. She wondered what were they arguing about in the silence when Jian heaved a sigh and shook his head grumbling how hopeless Ben was. For a moment, she glimpsed a hint of a smile on the brooding male.

Ben chuckled and pulled Jian close to him and whispered something in his husband’s ear.  Lile watched as her former professor’s cheeks bloomed red and gave Ben another evil eye.

Ben only laughed and placed another chaste kiss on Jian’s cheek. He then turned to Lile and added, “Being lonely and alone is not okay,” he began and looked briefly at Riri and the rest. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t try my darnest to hold someone’s hand and make them sure that I’m still here.” He smiled at her and gave her a wink, “Now will you excuse me I have to take this Grumpy Cat out on a date.”