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Gah! I didn’t get to post my snippet for WeWriWa this week! Well, I’ve been so busy for the past month especially since I was tasked to direct a play for our Dramatics class (which was also an entry for the uni-wide playfest). I had that work, grades, thesis and what’s left of my social life soooo…..

And if you’re curious on how TDC’s coming along, well, let’s just say it’s 50% done but not done-done. Hopefully the semestral breaks would let me write. Now, before you read the snippet below, I suggest you set the mood by watching this piece by Vanilla Mood. Trust me, it sets the whole scene right.

It’s been a while since they managed to get quality time together. Asai held the porcelain cup with relaxed ease, a rare smile playing on hislips as she poured his favorite tea into the cup with counted yet fluid and delicate movement. He looked at his wife with uncharacteristic tenderness.

“Thank you for the book, Asai.” She smiled as the teapot was set aside in favor of the small blue book beside her. “You  spoil  me.”

Asai laughed and reached over to brush the stray strands of hair from her face. “Only the best for you, Sakura.”

If only time had been kinder to them.