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10 Sentences is a novel with 10 sentences (possibly more depending on how the muses call the shots) per chapter, each dedicated to the point of view of the two characters. It revolves around the perspective of Dorian and Dmitri who forge and unlikely kind of friendship.

Chapter 3: Dorian

I can’t believe I embarrassed myself. Good job Dorian.

I know I could bake better than this but… well, I don’t think staring at your classmate is an excuse. After that sad attempt of a creme brulee for Home Econ, I made a mad dash for the boy’s comfort room.

I try…I try not to be too hard on myself.

My parents encourage failure because they believed we learn from our failures better than in our accomplishments; well, except in the battlefield but that’s another story to tell. But with three older sibling who’ve achieved so much-?

How am I going to stand out against two Marines and a crime scene psychoanalyst?

As I made a sad attempt to calm my rapidly beating heart and deprived lungs, the tears came.

After all, the most toxic person you’ll ever have in your life is yourself.