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I got too excited for my own good.


10 Sentences is a novel with 10 sentences (possibly more depending on how the muses call the shots) per chapter, each dedicated to the point of view of the two characters. It revolves around the perspective of Dorian and Dmitri who forge and unlikely kind of friendship.

Chapter 4: Dmitri:


I never saw Dorian so upset like that. I wanted to tell him that it was okay but he was gone by the time the bell rang; that or I was too chicken to do it. Now I’m left with two ceramic dishes.

As I looked down on Dorian’s output, I could see that there was really nothing wrong. Sure the caramel was too dark, burnt for lack of a better word, but I don’t think the top would really affect what’s inside. I picked up my fork and broke through the almost-blackened caramel top and took a tasteful bite.

It was perfect.

I need to find him. On cue, my phone rang but I didn’t need to pick it up to know who’s at the other line.

Recommended music to listen to while reading (rather the very song/album that’s been fueling this mini series):

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