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oops my hand slipped.


10 Sentences is a novel with 10 sentences (possibly more depending on how the muses call the shots) per chapter, each dedicated to the point of view of the two characters. It revolves around the perspective of Dorian and Dmitri who forge and unlikely kind of friendship.

Chapter 5: Dorian

“Real men don’t cry!” said my gym teacher when I was in junior high. I was still wimpy and chubby back then and burnt my hands on that rope climbing thing. Totally my fault for not being prepared for that practical examination as my stomach was stuffed with the previous night’s pre-bedtime bag Doritos.

I remember my dads’ fury when they heard on what happened. It’s funny when two grown men, two grown ex-Marines to be exact, get all riled up when their youngest adopted son is prohibited to shed any tears because of rope burn. I appreciated their efforts to encourage emotional expression to prevent heart disease and what-not but they forget that in school emotion is entitled to girls and not to guys.

So you can imagine my dilemma as I stepped out of the solace of my chosen boys’ cubicle to find myself facing the Bermuda Trio – Bernardo, Muebles and Darius. Just when I thought my day could not get any better, the three looked like they found their prey for the day.

Fucking perfect.

Recommended music to listen to while reading (rather the very song/album that’s been fueling this mini series):

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