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Chapter 7: Dorian

I don’t know what came over me.

I simply ran –

And ran….

And ran…

And ran.

I wasn’t sure what came over me to go into self-defense mode. I’ve been taught enough to hit where it hurts the most or to where it is most lethal but only to be utilized in a life or death situation. The Bermuda Trio should be glad it’s only pressure points with fingers, it could have been worse like my house keys or my pen.

I skidded over to a halt about a few blocks from the school, my ears a bit deaf from the roar of running. My dads are going to have a fit but I seriously need a break – or at least a good amount of distance from those assbutts.

“What were you thinking?!” I heard someone wheeze beside it.

I was then I realized that I wasn’t hearing the sound of my blood and adrenaline pumping through my veins; it was my beating heart.

It was then I realized I was holding Dmitri’s hand the whole time.

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