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10 Sentences is a novel with 10 sentences (possibly more depending on how the muses call the shots) per chapter, each dedicated to the point of view of the two characters. It revolves around the perspective of Dorian and Dmitri who forge and unlikely kind of friendship.

I’m sorry I took so long! Finals is coming in fast and things are getting hectic. Next week is my thesis proposal defense and I’m sooooo nervous. Furthermore, The Dreamscape Chronicles (TDC) is getting a major overhaul so stay tuned for more details.

Chapter 8: Dmitri

He’s still holding my hand.

“Hey, you okay?” My voice sounded alien.

Dorian looked at me surprised as if he wasn’t expecting my presence. “Yeah,” he looked at me. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

He then looked back down at our still joined hands, “Uh…”!

My face flared up as I caught up with what he was trying to say. I garbled apologies at him as I released my hold on him.


For some odd reason, I really regretted making him let go.

Recommended music to listen to while reading (rather the very song/album that’s been fueling this mini series):

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