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Another week another WeWriWa post. To see more excerpts and stories, kindly visit http://www.wewriwa.com/.

10 Sentences is a novel with 10 sentences (possibly more depending on how the muses call the shots) per chapter, each dedicated to the point of view of the two characters. It revolves around the perspective of Dorian and Dmitri who forge and unlikely kind of friendship.

HOLY. CRICKET. Last Tuesday was my thesis defense, and you know what? I passed my thesis proposal with good reviews. My LGBTQ+ thesis is in full-steam! Also in other news, The Dreamscape Chronicles is temporarily put on hold because I’ve realized that the story had bloated so fast I couldn’t see myself in the work anymore. HOWEVER, I have something in the works (two in fact) and one of those may be announced in the upcoming days. For now, how Chapter 10!

Chapter 10: Dmitri

Holy shite, I said ‘yes’. We’re going on a date.

We technically it is not a date-date but just two guys hanging out since they got chased out of school by bullies. Nothing wrong with that, yeah.

It took every ounce of willpower so that I wouldn’t end up doing weird ass, fail cartwheels on the sidewalk. That would be really weird since I have poor hand-eye coordination when it comes to more physical things. But still, he asked me.

You have no idea on how long I’ve been wanting that. Okay, in my head, I was hoping I’d be the one to ask him but I’ll take this any time.

Especially, when I fell in love with him one October afternoon.

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