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You guy know that majority of the songs that inspired [10 Sentences] comes from Troye Sivan (HAHAHAHAHHAHA Karen why). I’m been looking forward to the last of his music video series, Blue Neighborhood, and a little bird told me it went live a few hours ago. So the fangirl in me went off to watch it.

As expected, this MV was as equally as powerful as the first two so congratulations Troye!

I’ve interpreted the lyrics differently but damn this music video’s too powerful and sad. As much as most of us write that LGBTQ+ people get happy endings, its not really the case most of the time. However, suicide is not a joke and I sincerely ask those of you who know anyone who may be depressed, much less suicidal, to reach out to them. The human mind is a fragile thing.

Albert Camus once said “Life is absurd”. But he did say that surrendering to the absurd by suicide is simply letting the absurdity of life win and take us over. Don’t let the absurd win.

Just to make things clear, things will happen in [10 Sentences] but I can’t really say it will be a happy ending. However, I can assure a resolution.