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My last semester’s started. I’m stressed. I’m also behind my NaNo goal. Dying. I have no excuses for no updating.

Also let us light a candle, not just for the victims in Paris, but for every innocent soul harmed and killed for “religious” purposes and natural calamities from the past few years.

Part 2

Chapter 2: Dmitri

Crap, why is the world so small? Why is there no rewind button in life? Why did we go here in the first place?

Obviously this is not a video game Dmitri so suck it up.

“Seriously Uncle.” I covered by face with my hands. I can’t bear to look at Dorian in the eye. “You’re embarrassing me.”

“Embarrassing you?” Ivan chuckled and gave my back a good thump. I swear my lungs almost jumped out of my chest. “Not at all! Lighten up, Dmitrius.” I noticed now that he sported a serious look on his face. “I still hope you’re not skipping class, the both of you.”

Ah crap.

“Well…” I started but Dorian butted in.

“We were supposed to but Trio problems,” he said.

I gave him a look. He shrugged back.

“Those three are still in your heels at this age?” Ivan raised an eyebrow. You can tell by the tone alone that he was extremely displeased by this. I can’t blame him. What kind of a father would be happy about the idea of bullying? The Vlodomirs are extreme supporters of anti-bullying especially since Ivan’s Russian and some people have not so good ideas about them assuming that anyone who is an immigrant is a terrorist. It’s the same with the Muslim community or any other communities like the Latinos and Asians.  It’s kind of sad really.

I suddenly feel Ivan’s eyes on me. I can tell he’s going to drop a bomb.

“Does your father know about this?”

And there’s the bomb.

“Well…” I stammered but Ivan seems to have mind-reading powers.

“We’ll discuss this later, alright?” Ivan kindly smiled at us. “For now, enjoy your drinks and have lunch here. It’s all on me.” Sometimes, I’m not sure if he’s really smiling a kind smile or planning something sinister underneath that.

Just as he was about to walk off, he turned back to me and said, “And Dmitri? I’ll see you in my office.”


“I’m sorry I got you into trouble,” I heard Dorian say in an apologetic manner. As much I wanted to reassure him, I couldn’t find my voice to say that it was alright. The silence between us was deafening.

“Why don’t you go over to Ivan while we’re waiting for the food?” Dorian suggested, breaking the silence.

“You go a point there,” I mumbled, thinking it over briefly. “But what about you?”

“It’s okay. My phone has a bunch of ebooks in it so I’ll live,” he grinned at me.

It terrifies me to think that he’s just saying this to make me feel better about my situation and that things are not awkward between us (which is exactly what is happening). But I still got up and excused myself to walk towards my temporary doom.