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Woah. Is it me or did the WordPress blog interface change a bit? It looks neater and minimalistic.

Part 2

Chapter 3: Dorian

Dmitri’s taking long.

I looked up from my ebook. That took a lot of will power, by the way.

The melting ice on Dmitri’s drink tinkled as they shifted in the mason mug. Ice cubes with crab mentality; pushing the other down to see who gets on top.  Maybe it depends on how you make those ice cubes. Just like how ice crystals create beautiful patterns if you whisper kind words to them.

It makes me wonder if we do become more beautiful if the world became kinder, more accepting and not just tolerant. It also makes me wonder if we become uglier from horrid words. Maybe not, because from what I see the most beautiful have the most despicable, unattractive souls.

Where is he?