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Update? So soon? Well, actually the chapters are all queued up 😛 I should make it a habit to post every TTh. Also, feel free to react! If this story gets more fans (or at least Likes and Shares), I might start opening a spotlight (or probably an Ask.fm) where you guys ask the toughest questions to a specific muse.


Part 2

Chapter 5: Dmitri

“Can I go now?” I let loose the question I’ve been burning to ask. No offense to Uncle but the air’s becoming more and more uncomfortable and I want to go back and enjoy my drink with Dorian.


I hope he’s still back there in the café.

“Oh right, right.” Ivan straightened up and smiled. The nice tone is back. Thank god. “It will be rude if we kept your friend waiting. Now, don’t play hooky anymore.”

Figures, he would say that. I opened my mouth in protest but Ivan held up a hand to stop my incoming retort.

“Skipping class will not get you anywhere, Dmitri.” Ivan said, his voice stern. “If you have any problems, call for us or better yet, stand up for yourself.”

I closed my mouth, the retort disappearing like smoke. He has a point. I needed to learn to stand up for myself. “Thank you, uncle. I’ll remember to do that.”

I couldn’t find the strength to tell them that I can’t seem to do either. That the world was a burden on my shoulders.

I’m so pathetic.