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Yes, I’m trying to keep a schedule because I love you guys. There wouldn’t be a [10 Sentences] without you guys.

Part 2

Chapter 6: Dmitri

I strode back to the table as fast as my legs could take me. I half-expected Dorian to be long gone, half hoped he would still be there. I’m glad I did because he was still there. A bit bored, but still there. Waiting.

I felt embarrassment creeping in. I hated the feeling.

“I’m sorry I kept you waiting.” I slid into my seat and smiled at Dorian. Another thing I noted that I’m good at, faking it. “My conversation with Uncle took longer than I expected.”

Dorian shook his head. “It’s alright.” He smiled at me. “I figured that it must have been important. Besides, I have my ebooks so it wasn’t that much of a wait.”

For some odd reason, I felt annoyed on how nice and patient he was. Did he ever get mad?

As I looked down at my glass I realized that the ice had already melted away.